Some of my favorite books...
By Anonymous. Communist propaganda printed in Beijing in 1968. this was my favorite book when I was little, you can tell by how beat up it is
Everything by Austen
Everything by Hammett, I read him over and over
My current favorite. I read it just to visit with the characters
Everything by Chandler
I read this while wandering around Beijing in '94, it was the perfect compliment to my adventure
Another favorite from childhood, and again, you can tell by how battered it is
Ms Morrison is right, this is
absolutely required reading
Extreme true life adventuring
to inspire all of us
This series made my inner tween
swoon with happy. Time hasn't been kind, but the memory of the
feeling is still there
Creepy and beautiful at the same time, simply amazing
Kind of scary to go into the heads of young killers, but if we send them to war, we should know what we are creating
I wish it didn't glorify the south in it's slavery days, but putting that aside, it is the story of a strong woman's suvival. I love that
Sedaris makes me laugh 'til I cry
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