Here are a couple of pieces from my current WW collection.
The first comic I ever bought, and the thing that started it all...
I had all of these when I was a kid, but have since lost them...still in mourning.
I don't know this little girl, so it might be creepy that I have this - but it may be my favorite picture ever!
The rest of these are on my wish list. I am thinking seriously about adding this 16" Tonner doll to my collection, but she is pricey.
I wish, I wish, I wish I had this!
I dig the muscles on this action figure. If ever I come across her, she'll be coming home with me.
I didn't buy this when I had a chance, which is crazy, considering my love of both WW and Barbie!
I really want to add this to my collection (see comic book that started it all). One day I will find her!
I only want this Anime WW because she would add spice to the collection!
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