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Lecia's Art Collabortation: - Lecia teamed up with Artist Meagan Healy to create this artist studio that offers fine art alternatives for marketing people in the tourism and destination industry
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Artists: Chris Crites, Painter Jill Sykes, Painter Dawn Diamantopoulos, Painter Scott Glazier, Painter & Tattoo Artist Cara Barer, Photographer Margaux Lange, Jeweler Audrey Kawasaki, Painter Brendan Fraser, Actor Zine w/ art by Madison Osborne and others Meagan Healy, Illustrator & Graphic Artist Megan Green, Photographer Beth Marx, Wearable Art Stefan Bucher, Illustrator Clare Benson, Multi-Media Artist Nancy Baker Cahill, Collage Artist Sean Qualls, Illustrator Beth Gardner, Photographer
  SketchbookProject Just what it sounds like, the jottings of many creative minds
Entertainment: Erin Perkins, Animation Fashion and Lifestyle Blog Get lost in an information black hole
  PostSecret.blogspot What's your secret? Los Angeles Public Library - reading is fundamental.
Shopping: A cornucopia of handmade and vintage treasures! best airfare prices on the nets!