"Why does it take forever to make a deal with the Japanese?"

"Why don't Americans understand the nuances of communication?"

These questions, and dozens more like them, are deeply rooted in local culture. Andy specializes in cross-cultural consulting and training to help companies, their managers and employees understand cultural gaps before they become business traps.

With over two decades in the Japan business, Andy has worked with clients including Sony Corporation of America* and the Walt Disney Company. The seminar he conducted for the Los Angeles Japan Business Association* was its best-attended ever.

Specialties include:

Training: half-day or full-day seminars, in English or Japanese, for large or small groups, covering everything from business-card exchange to sexual harassment law.
Private consulting: a deep dive into your business, analyzing potential sources of conflict, and offering solutions.

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Andy also works through Japan Intercultural Consulting www.JapanIntercultural.com


*Through Japan Intercultural Consulting.

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